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The Story in the Kitchen with the Paranormal

Have you watched horror movies and you didn’t almost watch the whole movie because of you scared? Or may your family watch horror movies together in your home? And you can’t move in your house thinking there might be a ghost? In this article, we will talk about a story of the paranormal experience in the kitchen of the old house. In this story, we will learn some of the paranormal activity the ghost dimension in an old house.


The year 1997, a family moved from a 1,600 square-foot house in a nice neighborhood near Eastchester Road in the Bronx to a 1,300 square-foot in New York. Doug got a job at the Record Town in the Jefferson Valley Mall in New York. He met Jennifer while working there. Sadly, Jennifer lived 20 miles away from Him, so seeing each other was difficult. Therefore, they spent talking most of the time over the phone. At home, the phone located in the kitchen. It was an old 1980 phone with the extra-long cord that kinked easily. With this long chord, he was able to lay on the kitchen floor and talked to Jennifer.


Doug was on the phone with Jennifer one evening, they talk about some banal topic. As they talking and laughing suddenly Doug felt strange, he felt his consciousness shunted to the side. He felt some Sadness, Deep, mournful, unfathomable desolation hit him like a fist in the gut. Then he starts sobbing with his alien emotion reverberating through him like echoes in a cave full of despair. His feeling was like a division between my partially-suppressed consciousness. And the occupied emotions were so sharp that he felt like a passenger within his own mind. His faced was relaxed, not contorted into the usual grimace of a person ravaged by emotions. Doug’s face is straight while sobbing.


Doug shared his experience with his brother Andrew and he said that Doug was possessed by a tormented spirit. They wonder where one would have come from in that place. He asked his father if he knew anything at all about the prior residents. His father told him that there was a house fire several years before they moved in. Living there before was a family of migrant workers and reportedly, two of them died in the fire. He actually does not know what happened, but the feelings that had invaded his mind. It definitely seemed tortured enough to come from someone who had died such a violent, ultimately death. That time he is engaging in a happy conversation. His mental state was one of positivity and joy and contentment. The incident didn’t happen since then.


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